Daisy Skirt (No pattern required)

My daughter loves doing little projects, especially sewing ones and will jump at the chance to get on the sewing machine and create something with me.  So when she was invited to a birthday party this weekend we decided it would be a lovely idea to create a unique little gift from her for her friend.

As she is still learning to sew I had to think of something that would be quick and easy to sew, but also fun for us to do together as a mum and daughter team.

So together we spent the night before the party whipping up this little daisy skirt.  It was so much fun and really didn’t take long at all. PSX_20180120_101011

Sewing is a great hobby for children as they are able to spend their spare time creating something unique and personal for either themselves or to give as gifts.  There is no better feeling than the feeling of achievement when you look at something that you have created and you can say to yourself “I made this”.   Better still when you receive compliments from other people.  It is a great confidence builder for kids.

Little projects like this one are also a great opportunity for you to spend quality time with your child, enjoying your special bonding time together and of course having lots of fun along the way.

This skirt is a great introduction for anyone wishing to learn to sew.  It is very simple and easy and doesn’t require a pattern.

The beauty of this skirt is that it can be made the simple way with no lining or trim at the hem.  Or you can challenge yourself by adding lining and trim as you increase your skill level.

This style should fit a 6 to 9 year old, however if you need to lengthen or shorten it you can when drafting the pattern. The elastic can also be measured before putting it into the skirt.


  • 45cm of cotton poplin or cotton drill (for the beginners the poplin will be lighter in weight than the drill) – The fabric will be approximately 110-112cm wide.
  • 45cm of lining (if required)
  • 2.5cm wide elastic approx 50cm (measure child’s waist and add 5cm)
  • Thread to match colour of fabric


  1. Fold fabric in half so that the selvage is together.  Mark a box on wrong side of fabric with chalk  48cm wide by 39cm long. (if you are not confident with marking straight onto the fabric you can use some white tissue paper to draft the pattern then pin it into position on the fabric).
  2. If you are using lining you can mark this the same way as above but 2cm shorter. 48cm wide by 37cm long.  See PDF Cutting guide for Daisy Skirt
  3. Sew back seam of fabric 1.5cm wide and then overlock (If you don’t have an overlocker sew a zig zag stitch along side your straight stitch. Press seam to one side. PSX_20180120_102006
  4. Repeat step 3 for lining if using lining
  5. Overlock waist and hem of skirt (once again if you don’t have an overlocker then you can sew a zig zag stitch along the hem to help stop it fraying.
  6. If you are adding lining then pin the wrong sides of the waist of the lining and the main fabric together, stitch along the edge and then overlock (or zig zag stitch instead of overlcking) PSX_20180120_101343
  7. Press the waist down 3.5cm and stitch a 3cm wide casing for the elastic leaving 2cm open at the centre back. PSX_20180120_101127
  8. Measure the elastic around the child’s waist (measure a little firm but not tight), when measuring make sure it overlaps by 2cm.  Cut this length and thread it through the dress using a safety pin fastened at one end to help guide you through the casing.
  9. Once it has been threaded through, overlap the elastic 2cm and secure with stitched as shown below. PSX_20180120_101218
  10. Close off the 2cm opening at the waistband. PSX_20180120_100441
  11. Turn the hem up 0.8cm for fabric (and lining if using lining) and press.  Stitch along hem at 0.8cm. PSX_20180120_101811psx_20180120_100616-1.jpgPSX_20180120_100812
  12. Your skirt is now complete however if you wan to add the trims please follow the instructions below.
  13. Measure the hem of the skirt and cut trim 3cm longer than hem measurement.  Add trim sewing slowly along previous hem stitch. PSX_20180120_101539
  14. Cut ribbon approximately 15cm long and make a bow.  Secure it to the centre of the skirt at the waistband with a few hand stitches (or if you are confident you can use the machine and sew a few stitches and reverse).  Trim the length of the ribbon to your liking. PSX_20180120_100245

There you have a brand new and unique skirt which I hope was quick and easy to make.



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