Kids Sewing Class – Snuggly cushion for your cuddly toy

Tonight’s post has been brought to you by my little 8 year old Miss C.  She loves to bake, she loves to sew and she loves to craft (I wonder where she get’s this from).

If you don’t find her watching Matilda Ramsey’s cooking show on TV, then she is usually in the kitchen cooking with me, crafting up a storm on the dining room table or having a lesson on her sewing machine.

Today she decided that she would make something mostly on her own, so she designed her little pillow, chose her fabric and went on to sew it up.  With just a little help with the cutting and hand sewing.

She was so proud of her achievement that she thought it would be great to share today’s project with other children who are learning to sew. If you have a child who loves to sew and create then this little project is great.  It can be done in under an hour (so it’s great for kids who have a short attention span).

I am sure this is the first of many posts to come from Miss C as she grows in confidence and skills with sewing and also cooking. Please share this with any like minded kids who love to create.

Miss C’s Kids Corner

Ellie loves her pillow

Today I decided to make a cushion for my toy elephant who I have named Ellie. This was so easy to make and soooo much FUN!!

It took no time at all. If you would like to make a pillow like this for your cuddly toy simply follow my instructions below.

You will need

  • A Thread colour to match coloured fabric.
  • Stuffing e.g Hobby Fill
  • Woven fabric of your choice (cut a pair into a rectangle shape 28cm long by 12 cm wide)
  • Pins, hand sewing needle and thimble


  1. Put the Right sides together and then pin around the edges (with pins)
  2. Leave a 4cm gap in one long side.
  3. Measure and mark a 1cm seam line with chalk around all of the edges.
  4. Set the machine to straight or zigzag. (I chose a fancy zig zag for something different)
  5. Sew around the edges along the chalk line, remembering to reverse at the beginning and end. Don’t worry if it is not perfect (mine isn’t as I am still learning).
  6. Remembering to leave the 4cm gap.
  7. Trim off the corners but not the stitching (you may need an adult to help you). corners-clipped1.jpg
  8. Turn the cushion through to it’s right side. turned-through.jpg
  9. Fill with stuffing (as much as you need) filling the pillow with stuffing
  10. Pin the opening closed and hand sew closed. You may need an adult to help you. Pin closed and hand stitch
  11. After it’s been hand sewn closed take pins out(try not to pin your finger to stop this use thimble)


CONGRATULATIONS!!  you have made a cushion for your special soft toy

I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

I hope to see you next time for a cooking post.  We will make tasty treats. Like this 2013-05-10 14.58.46

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love from Miss C xx

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