Easter Bath Fizz’s

Every Easter we get given so much chocolate that if we ate it all, my entire family would end up on a sugar high for at least 3 months.

So this Easter we have decided to go on a health kick to limit our chocolate intake and save our systems from a dangerous sugar overload. Therefore we have decided to make Easter Bath Fizz gifts as an alternative to chocolate.

These bath fizz’s are so much fun to make.  If you have children with you they will enjoy the messy play of making these bath fizz’s. They are so quick and easy to make it is sure to keep them occupied for the entire activity.

Note: Once you have poured the ingredients it is best to start straight away so that the mixture doesn’t dry out.  Try not to let the mixture fizz too much as you mix ingredients as it will lose it’s fizz. I recommend covering the fizz straight away to avoid a bigger reaction. 29664159_10155453108512066_2129973799_n


  • 1 cup of citric acid (granulated)
  • 2 Cups of bicarbonate of soda (sifted)
  • 1 tspn of pure essential oil of your choice (I used a citrus blend)
  • 1 tspn of food grade dye (this can be in powder or liquid form)
  • 1 tspn of oil (I like to use olive oil as it is great for your skin)
  • Spray bottle of water (you don’t need much just a little to spritz)
  • Silicone moulds
  • Rubber gloves
  • Large mixing bowl




  1.  Pour the citric acid and then the bicarbonate of soda into a large mixing bowl
  2. Make a well with your fingers in the centre of the mix and add your colour and essential oil.  It may fizz slightly, if it does just cover the fizz with some of the dry ingredient. 29526895_10155453036462066_1291419908_o
  3. With gloved hands start mixing your ingredients together
  4. Keep mixing until all of the colour and essential oil is mixed through.  If the colour clumps just press it between your hands to disperse it and keep mixing.
  5. Pour the oil over all of your mixture (the oil will assist in binding the mixture together).
  6. Spray the water from your spray bottle (3-4 sprays) over the mixture.  It will fizz a little and become icy cold to touch.  With your hands mix the water through the mixture.  29634082_10155453040227066_1926151193_o
  7. Squeeze the mixture together in your hands, we want it to feel like damp sand. (You don’t want it too wet as it will grow in the moulds. You also don’t want it too dry as it will crumble when set). If it is too dry you can add a little more water.
  8. Once it feels like damp sand, press the mixture firmly into your moulds.  You may need to work a little quickly on this so that it doesn’t dry out.  If it starts to dry give it a little spritz of water. 29634882_10155453030712066_602739236_o
  9. Allow the bath bombs to set for approximately 5 days.  Once set you can gently press them out of their moulds and store in a cool dry place.
  10. If you are giving these as gifts you can wrap them in cellophane or place in gift bags. 29341441_10155164853346493_466528337_n (1)

Don’t give all of them away, keep some for yourself.  You can enjoy these bath fizz’s in a nice relaxing bath or even in a foot spa to soothe your tired feet.




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