Marsupials and Monotremes -Fabric Blog Tour

aiden and clara


I have been having so much fun sewing up some really cute outfits for my kids with the fabulous Amanda Brandl designs.  These 100% cotton fabrics are from her Marsupials and Monotremes collection, produced by Kennard and Kennard fabrics.

I feel so honoured to be taking part in this amazing blog tour alongside some very talented and creative people.

As I was scrolling through the designs in this new collection I was admiring how wonderful and unique each and every one was. Amanda truly knows how to capture the essence of our Australian flora and fauna in such a colourful and creative way.

Choosing from the collection was really quite simple for me.  As I was going through each fabric print, two designs just “popped out” at me and in that instant I could actually visualize exactly what I would make with each one.

The first design I chose was “Platypus Play” in Aqua, I instantly thought of my seven year old son.  He is playful and cute just like the Platypus and the aqua looked so unique, I knew that he certainly would want something “one of a kind”.

If we go out somewhere special, he loves to wear what he calls a “handsome shirt”.  So of course I could just imagine him wearing this gorgeous print as a “handsome shirt”.  Although I do prefer to draft my own patterns, I chose to use the Mcalls pattern M6548 for this project.  I have used it before on him and I know that it is a nice and comfortable fit.  It is quite a simple pattern and a little shirt like this can be sewn up in one day.

aiden 3

aiden 6

The second design I chose was the “Grevillea on Red” print.  I really love deep red colours on my daughter, it seems to bring out her green/blue eyes and works perfectly with her milky skin tone and brown hair.  The soft and dainty blossoms on the print remind me of her gentle and caring nature.

My 9 year old daughter loves to wear dresses and skirts.  However she started gymnastics last year and she now spends lots of her free time perfecting her cartwheels and handstands.  So I instantly thought of a playsuit for her in this fabric design.  Playsuits are such a great idea, they can look lovely and feminine but at the same time be full of fun and playfulness.

The playsuit was drafted by me with a little help on the shorts from a mainstream pattern.  I love the way the little playsuit cinches in at the waist to create a blousy look.  I recycled an old leather & bead belt of mine.  With the help of my jewellery pliers, I managed to make a new belt  that complemented the fabric and style of the playsuit.

clara 2

clara 5

I absolutely enjoyed every minute of creating these outfits with my Amanda Brandl designed fabric.  I am a big believer in slow sewing and creating a sense of mindfulness when you craft.  I did exactly that with these two projects and I can’t wait to complete another few projects with the small pieces I have left over (that’s if my kids don’t claim them first).

It is so lovely to admire my children wearing something vibrant and fresh, especially knowing that it was created by an Australian fabric designer.  Being aware that the fabric is 100% cotton makes it even more glorious.    There is nothing more luxurious than wearing an outfit that you know feels amazing, because it is made from a natural fibre rather than something plastic and manmade.  This lightweight fabric is absolutely perfect for our Australian climate.


I truly hope that I have inspired you to get out your sewing machine and create something yourself with these luscious fabrics. If you would like to see some more wonderful creations with Amanda’s Marsupials and Monotremes fabric then don’t forget to check out  Anh  and read about the creation of her gorgeous skirts that featured on the blog tour on Saturday.  Tomorrow will be the talented Samantha Green from  For the Love of Fabric so remember to check her out too.

To see the full blog tour schedule for this Australian animal fabric collection, and to find a stockist please go to Kennard and Kennard or visit Amanda Brandl

Happy Sewing xx

aiden 2

clara 1

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