Hi my name is Gisella,

I am a lover of all things sewing, cooking and crafting.  I have two children who also love nothing more than getting messy in the kitchen or exploring their creativity with various craft projects.  Even my husband likes to dabble in a little bit of woodwork and craft when he has the time.

My love of cooking began as a child where I would secretly borrow my little brothers monster cookbook and scan through the pages until I found a recipe that I could create.  Growing up in an Italian family and being surrounded by wonderful cooks and mouth-watering food, of course I was going to grow up with a passion to create in the kitchen.

For over 40 years my family ran a tailoring business, and as a child I would often visit our factory after school. I loved nothing more than exploring the wonderful world of sewing and creating.  After leaving school I studied Fashion Design at the Sydney Institute of Technology.  My love of fashion design and creation grew and I joined the family business where I started making couture bridal and evening gowns.

After having two children I now enjoy the simple art of sewing and creating clothes and accessories that are simple and quick to make.

Fortunately I was blessed with two fussy eaters in my home (my husband and my 6-year-old boy).  This ensures that I can continue my love of creating in the kitchen as I am constantly thinking up ways of getting them to eat their vegetables.

Stitch Bake Craft Make is for anyone who loves to cook, sew and craft or for anyone who would like to learn the techniques.  There will also be lots of ideas for cooking, sewing and crafting with kids.

I hope you enjoy discovering your creativity through my blog site.

Thank you for visiting my blog Stitch Bake Craft Make.  Join me as I share with you my love of sewing, baking, crafting and cooking.

Gisella xx